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Country Hair Styles

Horse Chestnut Radcliffe offers a full-range of services to fulfill all of your haircare needs, whether you need a haircut, or something more, like colour, texturing, or styling services.

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3 Most Popular Hairstyles In The World


Hairstyle is as ancient as mankind itself, marking the passage of time and also the changes in human life. Who doesn’t recognize an Egyptian tomb painting styled hair when see ones on a movie or museum? Or who doesn’t think about Bob Marley when sees Rastafarian dreadlocks? Here we have a list of male hairstyles that are on the trend on the world right now, so give it a read and enjoy! Quiff Hairstyles: Instead of what many can think, quiff hairstyles has been big since the 1950’s, making its own presence notable everywhere it goes. Splicing together elements of the pompadour, flat top and sometimes even the Mohawk, unafraid to make its voluminous presence felt, the amped-up quiff suits a wide range of ages, face shapes and personal styles….

10 Country Hairstyle Options

A telltale way to know when an older picture was taken is to look at the way the hair was worn. Certain eras in the world’s history can be defined by the way the hair was cut. Hair trends over the ages have an amazing ability to remind us of times past. It can bring memories of good times, or of the, “what on earth was I thinking”, times. Hairstyles do not always depict only the era it was worn in but it can also be worn as a symbol of something that happened that had an influence on the world or in your personal life. For instance, in modern times people will shave their heads, or colour their hair, to show compassion with others that have cancer and lost…

Best & Popular Country Hairstyles for Men

Shag haircut

Men are nothing different to women when it comes to hairstyles. Unlike the yesteryears where there was only a periodical change in hairstyle, and all men would sport that one particular hairstyle that is trending then, today men sport all types of hairstyle starting from vintage to modern ones. So here are some of the country styles that are popular among women: Pompadour Hairstyle: Pompadour hairstyle as many people think is not a modern haircut. This hairstyle that is defined as the turned back off forehead with a roll is a country hairstyle that existed years ago and then faded away. Now that history is repeating itself in terms of fashion the pompadour is again trending. The concept that is behind it particular hairstyle was in fact for women in…

Top 5 Country Star Hairstyles

Kelsea Ballerini

With the new trends setting in and all the old ones fading away, the fashion industry is quite contrary to this reality. It is true that fashion keeps changing but the change is quite cyclic in the fashion industry. After a gap history repeats. This happens a lot with hairstyles and especially the country makeovers. So here we are going to see top 5 celebrities with country hairstyles: Jana Kramer: Jana Kramer is very much known for her hairdo. She has been time and again adored for the way she carries her hair in both normal and special events. She was honored in the year 2012 for her hairdo, and she has a lot of fans who like to follow her hairstyle on a regular basis. That is the best…

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Horse Chestnut Radcliffe offer high-quality Country hair styles for both adults and children from highly trained, professional stylists. You'll be sure to get an up-to-date, on-trend style that's right for you.

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