10 Country Hairstyle Options

Country girl with headscarf and guitar.

A telltale way to know when an older picture was taken is to look at the way the hair was worn. Certain eras in the world’s history can be defined by the way the hair was cut. Hair trends over the ages have an amazing ability to remind us of times past. It can bring memories of good times, or of the, “what on earth was I thinking”, times.

Hairstyles do not always depict only the era it was worn in but it can also be worn as a symbol of something that happened that had an influence on the world or in your personal life. For instance, in modern times people will shave their heads, or colour their hair, to show compassion with others that have cancer and lost their hair because of treatment.

The same can be found, people wearing the same haircut, in groups that traditionally belong together or feel that they should look the same because they are doing the same things.

A hairstyle can also create a certain type of style that is shared in that time. Or it can be used as a symbol that tells a specific story and is used as a reminder of this story. A hairstyle can also be a status symbol that tells the worth or wealth of that person, or the lack thereof.

Hairstyles have changed a lot through the ages, but certain styles keep finding their way back in one way or another. Which way you wear your hair will also be depicted on what type of work you do, the activities you are going to engage in, and your environment; for instance, you have a corporate job, living in the city, or you have an active lifestyle, exercising, going for a run, or you can live in the country.

10 Favourite Country Hairstyles:

For Men:

1. Mullet Hairstyle; became popular sometime in the 1980s and is still a popular style, especially for fans of performers like Billy Ray Cyrus. His version was quite different than the mullet hairstyle worn by other artists and became popular early in the 1990s. The hair on the top and on the sides are cut short, which will be appropriate for any type of situation, formal or casual, and then the back of the hair is left long.

Mullet hairstyle popularized by 80's rock icons.

Mullet hairstyle popularized by 80’s rock icons.

2. Pompadour Hairstyle; this hairstyle became famous through great performers like “Johnny Cash” and “Elvis Presley” in and around the 1950s. The sides and back are cut short, while the top of the hair will start out shorter in the back and become longer to the front. The sides are combed back and then greased to keep them in shape. The top of the hair is combed to the front, then flipped up and over to the back, giving it a nice height. Pomade or hair cream is used to hold the hair on top in place.

3. Razored Shag Hairstyle; where the hair is cut into a medium length by using a razor. A textured, jagged edge is achieved that frames the face. The back of the hair tapers off to the collar. “Keith Urban”, an Australian singer brought this style to the front. This style can also be given greater depth by highlights. A bit of pomade will create a slightly messy look.

Keith Urban performing on stage with his signature Shag hair.

Keith Urban performing on stage with his signature Shag hair.


4. Hat Hairstyles; where the hat is of great essence and the hair is not seen often. From what sticks out underneath it can be gathered that it is a neat shorter style of hair, only visible on the sides of the face.

Country guy with a hat and guitar plus sexy voice? That's hot!

Country guy with a hat and guitar plus sexy voice? That’s hot!

5. Short and Long Hairstyles; includes short, conservative styles that will fit in among all walks of life. Long hair can be worn in braids and even in a long flowing style.

Selecting a style specifically for a country style can be interesting. Almost all these styles have variations and can fit in all over the hairstyle spectrum with only a few changes, for instance, the use of a hat or other accessories. There are a lot of possibilities to create the look you want to achieve, with men’s hairstyles.

For Women:

1. Curly Long Hairstyles wearing a hat; big, soft curls, using a curling iron to create bouncy, beautiful curls, or small, messy curls, where running the fingers through the curls will create an effortless style.

2. Straight Long Hairstyles wearing a hat; try chic with the hair pin straight and sleek, or give a wavy curl, keeping it relaxed and chilled out.

3. Braids with a hat; use a side braid, loosely braided in a three-strand or fishtail. You can do two side-braids or loosely bind ponytails. All styles can be done either messy and loose or prim and neatly.

4. Braids without a hat;

Rope-Braid. You will find many types of braids, this one has more than one braid grouped together to make a thick rope of hair.


Fishtail-Braid. A tutorial to show you how to create this thick type of braid.



5. Ponytails and Short Hairstyles;

Ponytails. You can have one ponytail, two, three or as many as you want, to use as you like.


Short Hairstyles. You might think that shorter hairstyles may be a bit more difficult to fashion in a country style, but apparently not, if you take a closer look at this multitude of ideas.


Blunt short boyish hair, made feminine with fresh makeup and sexy denim.

Blunt short boyish hair, made feminine with fresh makeup, plaid shirt with neck scarf and sexy denim.

To create a certain image, either of your personality or of an idea can be as easy as starting off with a hairstyle that will indicate what you want to be. Showing off your country roots can be as easy as donning a “country girl hairstyle”.

How you wear your hair tells something about yourself. You are making a certain kind of statement of how you feel, how you see yourself, and how you would like others to see you. Certain things around you can also have an influence on how you wear your hair. Your activities, as well as, your environment, inside or outside, will make demands on what you do with your hair.

The way a person like to style their hair can sometimes be only because that is the easiest and most convenient for that moment. It need not be anything else.