Best & Popular Country Hairstyles for Men

Shag haircut

Men are nothing different to women when it comes to hairstyles. Unlike the yesteryears where there was only a periodical change in hairstyle, and all men would sport that one particular hairstyle that is trending then, today men sport all types of hairstyle starting from vintage to modern ones. So here are some of the country styles that are popular among women:

Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyle:

Pompadour hairstyle as many people think is not a modern haircut. This hairstyle that is defined as the turned back off forehead with a roll is a country hairstyle that existed years ago and then faded away. Now that history is repeating itself in terms of fashion the pompadour is again trending. The concept that is behind it particular hairstyle was in fact for women in the yesteryears. However, today men are sporting it more than women.

Shag haircut:

Ok, this is one is again a country hairstyle that has been existing for quite a long time. In this case, history isn’t repeating, because this is one hairstyle that history has simply never forgotten it. Right from celebrities to common men we can see people sporting this hairstyle time and again. This haircut works well for all long, medium and short hair lengths. If the person’s hair is dense and fine, the haircut very much suits the person. This haircut involves layering and goes well with both curly and straight hair.

Mullet Hairstyle:

In mullet hairstyle, the side and front are cut short, but your head is left with a flowy hair covering your nape. This haircut is simply a style that goes well with certain professions. You can see a lot of singers and dancers sporting this specific haircut. Again this hairstyle is good for a person with long, medium and short haircuts. No matter how the culture changes this hairstyle will always stay on trend. One person whose name apparently goes always with mullet hairstyle is Billy Ray Cyrus.

Long hair:

This simply depends on how long your hair can grow. This is simply one country hairstyle that is very much vintage, though nobody specifically likes sporting a long hair. This has been the trademark pattern of kings and rulers of the past. This is also a specific haircut that goes with the profession. Long hair is usually seen among people who are involved a lot in science or music.

A cowboy hat – the last resort:

For guys who do not have the advantage of pulling off a country haircut, you can match the country feel by tossing on a cowboy hat. In case if a haircut doesn’t work out go for a hat, it always serves the purpose. Even today a lot of celebrities make it a point to sport hat irrespective of whether it is a casual outing or an award event. So this style never fails.